The journey is never complete - both in exploring the physical world and all it has to offer. Traveller, photographer, writer, constantly researching new developments, passionate about the opportunities to create better living spaces and develop ourselves on our journey to enlightenment. This is who I am. Words well chosen speak to the soul as do photographs that capture the essence of a moment suspended in time.


Exploring travel options, creating soothing living spaces, working better, cooking better and creating beauty and harmony in life is what I share on this site.

I write about subjects as diverse as travel, health, fitness and science, to bio-mimicry in architectural design; share favourite recipes, inspirational photographs and quotes and write children's as well as adult fiction. 

I write for various magazines and websites internationally both as a ghost writer and under my own name. 

I have degrees in English and Art and have worked for various newspapers.

"The world has infinite possibilities for those who are awake to them."





e: info@jeaniebeales.com |  ph: 083 9811 506 |  www.jeaniebeales.com